Award-winning author of 'And Suddenly You Find Yourself' (Parthian, 2017) and 'Small' (Parthian, 2020). Co-editor and trustee of the annual Cheval Anthology. Content writer specialising in Learning and Development (L&D) and education.

“Most of what I know about fiction, I learned by running every day.” – Haruki Murakami  It had been a long, self-defeating eighteen months of avoiding writing. During a particularly challenging 2017-18, poetry had stubbornly evaded and, unsurprisingly, angered me.  “Read,” others had suggested. “Read until you feel inspired.” But reading did not make me […]

I haven’t posted in over a year, but I figured launching my first book is something worth noting down now, while it’s happening, because your first book publication will only ever happen once. I suppose people will expect me to gush here about the elation, the excitement, the surging rush of ecstasy at finally seeing […]