Events & Workshops

Editing Skills for Writers Workshop *POSTPONED*

Editing skills are invaluable to your success in getting published. Now we've got all those summer submissions to get done, how can you ensure your work is polished and ready to go out? In this workshop, Natalie Ann Holborow will use some of her experiences as an editor to show you some handy tips to increase your chances of success. Whether it's a single-poem entry to a competition or a collection that wants to go winging its way to publishers, this workshop will teach you how to get the best out of your words before hitting 'submit'.


Beauty in Darkness Workshop: Creating Poetry Out of Negative Experiences *POSTPONED*

In recent years, writing as a form of therapy has gained increasing coverage in the mainstream media. From sufferers of PTSD to dementia, writing has proven to have beneficial effects where verbal disclosure may otherwise prove difficult. A pertinent topic at this year’s Hippocrates symposium for poetry and medicine, writing as therapy was hotly debated by medical professionals involved in both health and literature. In this workshop, multi award-winning poet Natalie Ann Holborow sheds light on the writing process for her second collection, Small, due out later this year. It focuses on forming characters from the intangible to create striking prose-poetry. Through metaphor and imagery, unique voices and quirky narrative, you will learn how to create art out of the negative through the magic of characters and voice in poetry. Price includes individual feedback via email post-session.