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Online workshop via Zoom, 10am – 12.30pm, 7th November

Perspectives in Poetry: Using Character to Inspire New Writing with Natalie Ann Holborow

You know the feeling. Yet another day at your notebook or laptop trying to come up with fresh ideas and make your poetry say something different. However, no matter how hard you try nor how meticulously you try to plan the poem, it refuses to be steered into new directions.Some days you can’t write anything at all.If you’ve ever been left frustrated by your work and want to find a way to breathe new life into your words – even on those days when your muse stubbornly refuses to show up – this is the workshop for you.

In the session, you will learn how to use ideas from characters (either in literature, film, theatre or folklore – the choice is yours!) to take on different voices, stories and themes in poetry. With poetry examples, discussions and a chance to share and get feedback on your own work, join Natalie Ann Holborow in this fun and interactive workshop to help teach you techniques you can use in your writing to help take it to unexpected places.

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Being Human Festival, New World New Beginnings

Come along to an evening of poetry celebrating human resilience and connectivity as humanity prepares for a newly ordered world. Critically-acclaimed poet Owen Sheers will be joined by award-winning poets Natalie Holborow and Eric Ngalle Charles as they share new work on new beginnings. Members of the public, who have attended free workshops running in October, will also have the opportunity to share their poems on the topic. Suitable for ages 16+.

This event is part of the hub series organised by Swansea University.

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