Natalie Ann Holborow


“It was great, especially as the poems had been sent out in advance and it helped me to prepare. I much preferred this to workshops I’ve attended elsewhere.”

Workshop attendee, Poetry Wales ‘Beauty in Darkness’ workshop

“Natalie was a very knowledgeable and encouraging workshop leader.”

Workshop attendee, Poetry Wales ‘Beauty in Darkness’ workshop

“Lyrical and erudite…her voice creates a powerful music.”

Jonathan Edwards, Costa Award-winning poet

“Woe betide anyone who comes to this collection without the foresight that we’re not invincible and are indeed very much mortal. You’ll leave, at least, with the (rarer) conviction that nor do we need to pretend we are. It’s an honest, moving panoply of human experience, full of hiccups and loss and confusion and love. Shoot for the moon? Holborow has landed, roamed its face, dipped into the craters, and gathered an armful of stars while up there.”

Sophie Baggott on ‘And Suddenly You Find Yourself’
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